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....to Raw Learning - a group of like minded people who have joined from around the world to make our animals, no matter what the species, healthier.....

Top breeders, caring owners, and well educated vets are getting back to basics. There is undeniable proof that commercial dog diets have caused immense damage to dogs around the world.

While many people always knew that it was merely common sense to feed a natural diet to their dogs and cats, a major re-education campaign is underway to help people "discover" again the fabulous benefits of feeding their dogs a raw natural diet.

This site has been put together purely as an aid to your learning.

A great resource is our page on all the email lists we recommend. Simply click here for a whole list of free resources managed by people who care about your learning and your dogs' and cats' health.

For a comprehensive list of books I'd recommend, please click here.

Raw feeding emails lists can be viewed by clicking here.

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Great pages to read to get an initial coverage of how to feed a raw diet

(quick tip: it's easy!)

Raw feeding FAQ

Looking at the Big Picture by Tracey Basset

Feeding fish.

The myths of feeding supplements. Quick tip - don't waste your money!

10 top reasons not to feed pre-made raw - save your money for the real food!

Is there a relationship between auto-immune disease and de-worming practices in dogs?

Books - on all sorts of things including diet for dogs and humans, dog conformation, and dog breeding and training.

To learn more about improving dog behavior and how to be the leader of your pack using completely non aggressive methods, click here.

Boo hiss!

Let's dispell some of the myths about raw food on the web

  • The AVMA needs to investigate research methodology, plus my response of course.
  • Read Sherry Weaver's article and my response.
  • Read Mary Wakeman's article and my response.
  • Choice Magazine investigation - you wouldn't read about it!
  • An analysis of Choice Magazine's review of dog foods
  • Read a report on raw food by Graham Peck - who should know better
  • And here's a vet surgery who also should know better!

    Found a website which says bad things about raw foods and you're worried? Well we've created an email list where you can really check out the claims made. Click here to find our new list created specifically for such website authors to back up their claims. A word of caution - so far everyone we've asked to back up their claims here has refused to do so on the list.

    We also will attempt to dispell some of the myths vets and other so called "specialists" have put out. If you have any articles you'd like us to review, please email me. .

    Firstly is our response to an article written by a vet in the UK.

    Our second review has been done on a vet practice in the US. Click here to see us asking the "Friendship Hospital" some hard questions.

  • New - a compiliaton of pictures of our dogs and the food they eat

    Raw Feeding supplies

    There is a specific email list which has been set up to help those locate a supplier of raw produce near them. Now, for most people, you should be able to locate a supermarket or butcher close by which can easily service most of your needs. But if you like to buy in bulk, or seek specialty products, then this list may help. Just click here.

    For more information about raw feeding, Jane can be contacted for further information by clicking here or phoning Australia: + 61 412 113 824

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