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    I am an avid reader. I find it an essential part of my learning process to read what others have written. I read across a wide range of subjects. I have recommend several books below and have separated them into groups. My suggestion is to save up to buy 3-4 at a time, and then spend a few weeks devouring those!

Don't be afraid to challenge people who have qualifications after their name. This does not necessarily mean they are smarter than you at all.

Without having to spend a cent, you can join the Raw Feeding Email list. This list provides enough information for people without them having to spend money on books. There is a great number of very smart people on this list, who can provide you info on their learning journey, and how they feed their dogs. You'll find out really quickly that there isn't a lot involved with feeding a correct diet. This list keeps strictly "on topic", so you won't be distracted by other information, nor people trying to sell you stuff.

This is one of the first books that have come out, and looks at the basics of nutrition from a human perspective. What you learn from this, you can apply to the dog world.

An excellent book. Sally Fallon has another book due out in early 2005. We'll be lining up for that one too!

I've just bought this book, and yet again, this will provide a ton of evidence to you regarding why we and our dogs and cats should not eat grains.


This book is excellent. Published in 2004, it is the latest information regarding human grade food sources. Where this gets interesting, is that if this is what our governments will let happen to the food that goes into our mouths, no wonder they don't care about what our pets eat!

An essential part of your canine education is learning about how dogs should be structured. Intelligent breeders will have this as a must on their book shelf.

Don't show or breed your dog without first reading this book. If you can't afford it, beg, or borrow it from someone else!

This is one of the first books I bought about dog breeding. It's got some excellent information.

This too is another excellent book.

When I order books from Amazon, I set myself a budget to start with, otherwise, before long, I have bought 4-5 books! Again, this is another good book.

Buy this book just for the chapter on single tracking!

Even if you know about breed type, this is still a great book to get.

This is the book you get when you really want technical information. Much of the language is scientific, but is useful when looking up detail on disease etc.

Yes, more theory, but by goodness this is a good book!

An excellent book on dog training. Karen Pryor is considered a "guru".

Depending on the deal Amazon is currently running, you can buy this one with "Don't Shoot the Dog" and get an even better price.

This book is amazing. Once I learned what dog signals meant, I was able to communicate with one of my very fearful dogs, and help calm her considerably.